Space Ashes Presskit

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: Jonathan Moreau
Region: Montreal, Canada


Game's web
Steam page: page:

Twitter: @Naztail

Release: October 8th 2018

Short description: A ship is sent on space stations to burn swarming and unknown forms of vegetation.

Description: Space Ashes is a slow paced arcade game where you control a ship sent on space stations to burn swarming forms of vegetation. Defy gravity in 20 nonlinear levels, explore to find secrets and defeat bosses. Shut down the air system, turn off the lights and burn them all! But beware, those life forms can become aggressive... A not so easy game with a relaxing ambiance.

OS: Windows

Price: 4.99$ USD

Where to buy: Steam and

History: Space Ashes was first inspired by a game called 'Fly Harder' from Amiga. I did the prototype in Gamemaker:Studio and then port it to Gamemaker studio 2. The calm ambiance and living level is an inspiration of a game called 'Waking Mars'. I really hope people will find Space Ashes challenging.

About me
: I'm Jonathan Moreau, I live near the city of Montreal, Canada and I'm a part time game developer. I always take my works seriously. I'm using Gamemaker Studio 2. Space Ashes is my biggest project yet. Code and music are made by me. I did almost all the art. ;)


Screenshots: (HD version on ZIP)